Operations Department /

Operations Department

Al-Thuraya SDB has 2 major units in the operation department administered by highly qualified and experienced persons: A-     Regulatory affairs unit , involved in : ·&nbs

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 Supply Division  /

Supply Division

Al Thuraya SDB is in a continues upgrading status on distribution and supply process which resembled by ·         Specialized conditioned multipurpose

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Professional Sales Team /

Professional Sales Team

Experience has demonstrates that successful teams empowered to establish some or all of Al-Thuraya goals, to make decision about how to achieve these goals, our team is characterized by: ·&nbs

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Dear All

Greetings from Baghdad the deep rooted capital of Levant.

Kindest Greetings form Al-Thuraya Scientific Drug Bureau.

         Nobody denies the unstable fluctuated situation that Iraqi Market; which is the most potential market in the area, passes through. This situation always required a rigid, well organized and well invested bodies to still and develop, and how if it is a market leader!! 
  Sama Al-Thuraya Trading company is an output of hard work, perseverance and strategic thinking.
         Since 1965 the date where my fathers Dr. Farhan Hasan start the pharmaceutical business through a stake holds pharmacy in Baghdad.
From that date the business grow up and embodying with Sama Al-Thuraya Trading company and its affiliates.
         All what we do was, hard work, thinking out of the box, choosing strategic partners  whom are fully aware of the Iraqi market and the continues investment in our capabilities and there is no limit of our ambition of attracting a new qualified partners to fulfill their goals in a win – win cooperation.


 Ali Farhan Hasan



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Our company has taken in consideration the subject of publications and scientific advertisements, since this matter is one of the most concerns of the company

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